I take my job seriously

I will take care of the cats to the best of my ability. The purpose of my job is to ensure the cats feel well and the clients can fully focus on their trip. 


I follow the client’s instructions

I listen to the explanations received from the clients and take notes if needed. In case I am unsure about what I need to do, I ask for clarifications. This is especially important if the cats need a special treatment or medication. I also understand that certain cats go be outside, while others will stay inside.


I am punctual and reliable

I show up at meetings on time. If the cat sitting has set time slots, I respect the agreed the times as closely as possible. If there are delays for any reason whatsoever, I inform the client as soon as possible. 


I respect the client’s privacy

I understand that the client entrusts me his keys to his home. I do not bring anyone else into the client’s house. I do not go into rooms and do not open drawers/cupboards I do not need to open.


I communicate effectively

If there is any problem, I inform CATSITTER SARL and the client as soon as possible to find a solution. 

Examples of such problems are: 

  • The cat is sick.
  • I cannot find the cat.
  • I am sick or cannot make it to the cat sitting for another valid reason. In that case I can also cancel the cat sitting via the website.
  • There is a problem at the client’s house.