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General terms and conditions of use

Dear users and students, please read the general conditions carefully. 


This section defines the terms used in the text of the conditions below:


All the functions made available by CATSITTER S.à.r.l..


The public website with all its technical functions constitutes the "CATSITTER" platform.


All users registered via this platform with a catsitter profile.


Action of taking care of pets.


All users registered on this platform using a Catsitter and taking advantage of the features of the CATSITTER service.

Manager or CATSITTER


2.       AGREEMENT

You may only use the service or become a Catsitter after you have read and accepted these terms and conditions. In the event of a breach of this agreement, the manager may, without warning, take any action necessary to prevent an abusive user from accessing or using the service or working as a catsitter. If necessary, the operator may take legal action to enforce these steps.


These conditions are exclusively applicable, unless the operator has expressly agreed to deviating, contradictory or supplementary conditions. 



28, rue Josy Welter 

L - 7256 Walferdange

Luxembourg Trade and Companies Register: B218854

Share capital : 12.000 EUR


Establishment authorisation number: 10083967/2 


Any contractual relationship that may be established with the manager, as well as any pre-contractual relationship, is subject exclusively to Luxembourg law.

The courts of Luxembourg City shall have exclusive jurisdiction if the user is not domiciled in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg at the time of the conclusion of the contract or if the client transfers his domicile or habitual residence abroad after the conclusion of the contract or if the place of his domicile is not known at the time of the commencement of the legal proceedings. Notwithstanding the agreements on jurisdiction, the operator reserves the right to sue the user in the generally competent court.


A. Online booking

The user, by booking a catsitter online, via the platform, commits to pay for the booked service after the service and within one month after receiving the invoice by email. 

B. Terms of payment

By using the CATSITTER service, users undertake to respect the CATSITTER pricing system.

Payment for the service can only be made on receipt of the invoice after the service has been provided. The invoice shall be paid within one month to the bank account of CATSITTER S.à r.l., failing which interest shall be charged on late payment. 

C. Making a reservation

A reservation can be made via the platform. The reservation can only be sent if the mandatory fields are filled in and if the box "I have read and accept the general conditions" has been ticked. 

The client will receive a reply as soon as possible. 

D. Costs of care

In the event that costs have to be incurred in order to care for the pet, the owner undertakes to reimburse the full amount of the costs paid and any additional hours worked by the catsitter. 

E. Obligation of means

The operator will do its best to provide the service, but does not guarantee the uninterrupted availability or constant functionality of the service and has the right to cancel it at any time. 

F. Liability

The operator cannot be held responsible for any damage or potential incidents that occur to the user before, during or after catsitting. 


A. Registration as a catsitter

Registration as a Catsitter can be done via the platform The registration can only be sent if the mandatory fields are filled in and the box "I have read and accept the general terms and conditions" has been ticked. 

B. Remuneration

By using the CATSITTER service the catsitters commit themselves to respect the CATSITTER pricing system.

The catsitters are paid 14 EUR/hour. As soon as the payment is received from the users, the manager commits himself to retrocede to the student the part due to him as soon as possible. The catsitters commit themselves not to accept any direct payment from the users.

C. Conditions of registration

The catsitter certifies that he/she has an empty criminal record (including the mention " NEANT"). 

D. Obligations

The catsitter, by accepting these general conditions, confirms that he/she is aware that registration with the National Health Fund (CNS) as well as the declaration of his/her income to the Direct Tax Administration are his/her responsibility. Furthermore, the catsitter must apply for a VAT number or request an exemption on his own, as applicable

E. Liability

The manager cannot be held responsible for any damage or incidents that may occur to the catsitter before, during or after the catsitting. 


5. Data protection

CATSITTER treats the data of its user and catsitters responsibly. CATSITTER is committed to the principles of data protection when processing the data obtained. For more information please refer to our data protection policy.